Hi, I am Eric.

I help ambitious working professionals move up to the next level within their career and personal growth. 

People would often come to me with dreams such as:

  • Scoring a promotion
  • Landing a dream job
  • Excelling to 6 figure income
  • Negotiating the perfect work life balance
  • Cracking the barriers to be the top leader
They always typically have thoughts like:

“I know I need to….but I have no idea how”

“I don’t want to sound too entitled. That’s not my intention”
“I am scared I will come across as someone who just wants the money”

Years ago I went through the same phase of feeling stuck and wasn’t sure how to make myself progress. I had goals and dreams I wanted to achieve, but many times I ended up settling for a job I am not excited about and left huge amount of money on the table not knowing how to negotiate. 

It wasn’t until I spent hundreds of hours into research and testing to develop a system that allowed me to move up again and again. Whether this is landing a dream job, negotiating a 6 figure salary or jumping the ladder into large promotions. 

These dreams are not just dreams. I have helped many others to achieve their dreams so that they can lift the stress of constant budgeting, spend more time with their family, pay for a luxury holiday and live a rich life. 

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